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Key components typically included in a cold shrinkable termination kit


A cold shrinkable termination kit, also known as a cold shrink termination kit, is a set of components and materials used in electrical and power distribution systems to create secure and insulated terminations for power cables. These kits provide an alternative to traditional heat shrinkable termination kits and are designed to simplify the installation process by eliminating the need for heat application.

Here are the key components typically included in a cold shrinkable termination kit:

1. Cold Shrink Tubing: The primary component of a cold shrinkable termination kit is the cold shrink tubing. Unlike heat shrink tubing, cold shrink tubing does not require heat for installation. Instead, it is pre-expanded and then placed over the cable termination area in its expanded state. When the outer packaging is removed or unwound, the tubing contracts and forms a tight seal around the cable termination.

2. Stress-Control Material: Similar to heat shrinkable kits, cold shrink kits often include stress-control components, such as stress cones or breakout boots. These components help manage electrical stress in the termination area and maintain proper insulation.

3. Termination Components: Cold shrinkable kits include cable lugs or connectors, just like heat shrinkable kits, to facilitate the connection of the power cable to the electrical equipment. The lugs are typically made of copper or aluminum and are designed to handle the electrical load safely.

4. Mastic or Sealant: Some cold shrink kits may include mastic or sealant material that is applied to the termination area to provide additional sealing against moisture and contaminants.

5. Installation Instructions: Detailed installation instructions are typically included in the kit to ensure that the termination is performed correctly and safely.

The process of using a cold shrinkable termination kit generally involves the following steps:

1. Prepare the Cable: Strip the cable insulation to expose the conductors and ensure the cable lug or connector is securely attached.

2. Layering: Apply the stress-control components, such as stress cones or breakout boots, to create a smooth transition from the cable insulation to the termination components.

3. Attach the Termination Components: Connect the cable lug or connector to the cable conductors and ensure a secure connection.

4. Apply Mastic or Sealant: If provided, apply mastic or sealant to the termination area for added protection.

5. Cold Shrink Tubing Installation: Slide the pre-expanded cold shrink tubing over the termination area, ensuring it covers the entire termination area.

6. Removal of Outer Packaging: Remove the outer packaging or unwind it to allow the cold shrink tubing to contract and form a tight seal around the termination.

7. Cooling and Solidification: Allow the cold shrink tubing to fully contract and solidify around the termination area.

Cold shrinkable termination kits are preferred in situations where the use of heat for shrinkage is not feasible or where safety concerns related to heat sources are present. They are commonly used in medium-voltage and high-voltage applications and offer a convenient and reliable method for creating secure cable terminations that are resistant to moisture and contaminants.


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